Being part of a multinational group (VINCI Group), with different lines of business, present in more than 130 countries, with more than 270,000 employees and a culture oriented towards ethics, sustainability and the environment, diversity and equity and commitment to local communities.

Career development

At ANA we value and prioritize the development of our employees' skills in a unique sector in Portugal. We are committed to training in a wide variety of areas, including training abroad. We also promote national and international mobility.


We complement the Health Insurance - which can be extended to your spouse and children - with preventive and curative health care at all airports, as well as Personal Accident Insurance, which covers home-work journeys.


We work hand in hand with the family. We have a wide range of programs, providing a variety of support, from birth/adoption to the end of school.

Future Investment

Working at ANA means being able to invest in the present in order to have a future tailored to your dreams and needs.

Because you are part of the VINCI Group, after six months of permanent employment, you can subscribe for shares in the Group (CASTOR International Plan), under special conditions.

In addition, you can benefit from a large number of partnerships and protocols in various areas.


We believe that well-being is a fundamental prerequisite for good professional performance.

We promote healthy workplaces, suitable for each function and rigorously controlled by our ergonomics department.

In addition, we value work-life balance through flexible working hours and the possibility of enjoying a package of 18 hours per year for personal purposes.


We provide free parking at your workplace.


Note: With regard to the benefits mentioned above, the company reserves the right to revise them at any time, unilaterally and without the agreement of the candidate and possible future employee.